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Developing the platform
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Until now, insurance software has added extra work to your daily tasks. Adapting your legacy solution for today’s needs is a job in itself. Korr is the first platform that saves you work instead of creating more.

Korr's experience implementing insurance solutions solidified the drive to deliver insurers better technology. Korr's new, modern solution must fit the needs of many lines of business while presenting a user experience that caters appropriately to each persona. That’s how Korr was born.

In 2021, we set up shop in New York City and took the first steps toward building Korr, the most innovative insurance platform on the market.

From the beginning, we had a mission to fill a gap between the insurance industry and the modern technological landscape. With cloud-based software as a service taking over the world, insurers have a golden opportunity to modernize, cut costs, and improve ROI. An insurance business with a cloud-native platform at its core is more efficient, more adaptable, and more scalable.

Why Korr

Korr’s mission is to provide insurers with technology they can use to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment. Korr's vision is nothing less than a total transformation of insurance — redefining it as a technologically advanced sector that can think on its feet to offer the best service possible.