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The Korr Mission

Korr is the modern and innovative platform for the insurance industry — placing thoughtfully innovative technology into the hands of our insurance partners to develop, configure and innovate on products and the business processes to service those products.

Korr’s mission is to provide insurers with technology they can use to thrive in today's rapidly changing business environment. Korr's vision is nothing less than a total transformation of insurance — redefining it as a technologically advanced sector that operates at the speed of change to offer the best service possible.

In 2021, Korr set up shop in New York City and began developing the most innovative insurance platform on the planet.

Trust is everything and Korr is a novel piece of technology built to put customer experience above all else. With over 50 years of combined experience implementing insurance IT systems, Korr's founders understand the unique challenges facing insurance carriers and MGAs. Korr obsesses over the technology details so you can focus on your policyholders, distribution partners and service providers.

Still have questions about how the Korr platform works? Check out our FAQ for details on how our flexible system helps build insurance products for every customer need. If you don’t see your question on the list, get in touch with our support team at any time.

What are Korr’s guiding design principles?

Korr's design philosophy explicity differentiates between configuration (the flexibility of an existing codebase) and customization (retooling the code to fit each customer’s needs in turn). Korr does not do customization.

Korr founders learned that focusing on customization leads to painful and long release schedules. Allowing carriers to customize Korr code, via a proprietary development studio or language, will slow that carrier's ability to adapt as their own business evolves.

Korr is build on a configuration paradigm that accomodates all business capabilities without changes to source code. Korr's goal is that no customer require a new architecture; the building blocks for any insurance project are present and maintained by Korr. Korr will continuously increase the value of its platform via new product capabilities and clients are empowered to leverage those features as their business sees fit.

What insurance experience do Korr’s founders have?

The Korr team has over 50 years of collective experience with multiple insurance carriers, lines of business, jurisdictions, technologies and development/delivery models. Korr team members have won many hard-fought victories, most of them as struggles with 20+ year old legacy technology.

Korr knows exactly how insurance can be better. And with Korr, it will.

How does the Korr team approach development?

Korr subscribes to behavior-driven development. Instead of being content with code that’s merely bug-free, Korr works with the insurer’s point of view, ensuring you can accomplish your required business procedures in the Korr solution.

Why did you decide to use this technology for insurance?

Korr founders are insurance specialists first, technologists second. Korr is developed from the very beginning to solve business problems specific to the insurance space. Korr is in the business of applying technology to solve insurance problems.