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Finally, a core system focused on supporting your business

Korr was designed from the beginning to be a superior core insurance solution. Our cloud-native, API-first approach makes Korr more scalable, available, and flexible than any other product on the market — and you’ll actually look forward to using it.

Built for Efficiency

Insurance is a deceptively complex industry, bringing together high-level tasks in data processing, risk management, customer relations, and more. Korr is an insurance app built to handle that level of complexity, no matter how much it evolves.

One example? Korr employs a fully schema-less database, allowing your data to fit virtually any proposed policy.

By Experts, for Experts

Korr sees every user of the system as a partner. Only you understand the specific needs of your policyholders, distribution partners and vendors. Korr's role is to give you the speed and flexibility in the core system to do what you do best.

Insurance requires a set of business workflow and actuarial logic to be effective, but system configuration should not require managing a team of software developers; that takes away from focus on your core competency. Korr runs a streamlined, universal codebase where your instance is configured to support a theoretically infinite set of products, lines of business, range of policies, and all of your business's historical data.

Technology with a personal touch

Korr is built with significant knowledge and experience of actual insurance businesses, not simply to offer a good looking sales demo. Each feature is configurable toward your business's specific requirements for success.

Growing insurance businesses used to have to endure a long cycle of vendor negotiations and resourcing to make relatively minor adjustments and to onboard new business. With Korr, your solution upgrades over your coffee break.

Our team is standing by to help you have the smoothest Korr experience possible. Here are just a few of the questions we’ve already helped customers answer. If you don’t see your question on the list, get in touch with our support team at any time.

What are Korr’s guiding design principles?

Korr's design philosophy explicity differentiates between configuration (the flexibility of an existing codebase) and customization (retooling the code to fit each customer’s needs in turn). Korr does not do customization.

Korr founders learned that focusing on customization leads to painful and long release schedules. Allowing carriers to customize Korr code, via a proprietary development studio or language, will slow that carrier's ability to adapt as their own business evolves.

Korr is build on a configuration paradigm that accomodates all business capabilities without changes to source code. Korr's goal is that no customer require a new architecture; the building blocks for any insurance project are present and maintained by Korr. Korr will continuously increase the value of its platform via new product capabilities and clients are empowered to leverage those features as their business sees fit.

What are Korr Configuration Hooks?

Korr Configuration Hooks are a way to balance flexibility with stability on the Korr platform. Each Configuration Hook allows you to configure business logic for its associated event within the Korr system.

You are the expert for your business. Korr gives you control to configure the way your business works — without customization. Your solution continually remains up to date with the Korr platform, and you can enable new capabilites as they become available from the Korr team.

How does the Korr team approach development?

Korr subscribes to behavior-driven development. Instead of being content with code that’s merely bug-free, Korr works with the insurer’s point of view, ensuring you can accomplish your required business procedures in the Korr solution.